Our Philosophy

Life is an adventure and we're here to help make it better for all of us.


ince 1999 Fossil Bluff has been a purveyor of uncommon Masonic artifacts and is an artificer of bespoke handcrafted curious creations. Our primary goal is fantastic customer satisfaction and to provide quality products, carefully crafted in our fine workshop which is nestled directly amidst the wetland fossil archive and calcite deposits of central Texas. We strive to be a cultural sounding board that offers a relaxed state of mind and an opportunity to connect with the world around us. We promote a ‘touch-not-tech’ culture and an environment rich with cooperation, truth, relief, and brotherly love. We strive to provide quality bespoke crafts and heirloom quality products, while supporting several non-profit organizations whose causes are truly noble.

Our Story

How did we end up here?


ou don’t really know how significant life experiences are until you reflect upon them. It’s hard to find the time to apply yourself towards the personal journey we all seek today. It must become part of your lifestyle; a lifestyle that builds a lifestyle.

This is how Fossil Bluff came to be.

Texas is the home of Fossil Bluff, but we were founded long before 1999 in Council Bluffs Iowa, during an era where you were forced to be outside because, after all, that’s where all the action was. For many of us, there were only two rules to follow. Stay off the streets, and come home when the street lights turned on.

Without a furnace or air conditioning, we split wood through the hot summer and raced runner-sleds through the icy winter. We carried pocket knives all day, every day, even at school, and no one got hurt. Play time meant getting together in the Bluffs to build forts, dig caves, go on adventurous hikes, ride Devils Slide, repel off the Loess hills of Fairmount Park, play Army and Ninja, fish and swim in lakes and creeks. There was truly nothing like being outside, just far enough away that you had to be self-reliant.

Reflecting on those life experiences leaves many of us longing for the ‘good ‘ole days.’ We look back at our cuts, breaks, and bruises as mythology, but with a modest amount of amplified fondness.

Tom McGuire

Founder / Owner Fossil Bluff

Continuing your legacy and mythology through our thoughtfully crafted collection is what sets Fossil Bluff apart from other mass market and drop-ship retailers. We truly endeavor to provide our like-minded clientele with items that carry with them an intrinsic feeling of heritage, legacy, mystery, and quality.

The Significance of our Name

Fossils, Bullets, Crystals, Creeks, and Bluffs


efore breaking ground, extra care was taken to visually examine the area and later, closer examination with metal detectors. We quickly found buckets and buckets of Calcite crystals. Upon close examination of the wetland areas of the property we discovered many fossils, probably from the Paleozoic period, including Gastropods, Bivalves, Cephalopods, Mammoth Teeth and many we couldn’t identify. Later, with the use of Metal Detectors, we found several heavily corroded Minie ball ammo.

When looked at as a whole, our workshop sits at the base of a small Bluff where water flows down which eroded the ground resulting in Calcite Crystals being released from the natural limestone deposits. The discovery of Fossils and Civil War era ammunition gave us many opportunities to name our then newly forming endeavor. Combining these descriptions we began working with names like Bullet Bluff, Fossil Falls, Crystal Falls, finally landing on Fossil Bluff.

Decoding Fossil Bluff

Our logo history and explication

Our old identity - circa 1999 - 2015