Masonic Lapel Pin & Medal Display Ribbon


This item is made to order. There are 15 variations which makes it an impossible item to pre-make. Please allow an extra 7 days for delivery.

This Masonic Lapel Pin and Medal Display Ribbon is a combination of our popular Masonic Pillars Altar and Emblem Plaque and a long gold outlined ribbon made from a canvas/twill fabric. This fabric is excellent at healing any punctures it may endure over the lifetime of your collection. A bright gold cord with a mild elastic core is affixed to the top of each column to help you more easily display it.

This unique Masonic plaque embodies the heart and soul of Freemasonry. The rich symbolism’s upon this metallic plaque are universally recognized among Freemasons and a reminder to all Masons around the globe. The checkered pavement with Ionic columns with Globes will surely prompt lasting conversation. The rough and smooth Ashlars, crown,Altar with triangle with emanating rays and a Holy book atop is another sure discussion point. All of which is veiled beneath a thick three tasseled curtain upon which rests the Square, Compasses and suspended ‘G.’

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The bold presentation, metallic finish, and size of our Masonic plaque make it easy to see the various symbols and allegorical references which can be found throughout the piece. Each piece is cast from a non-metal material by hand, sanded, buffed, and finally a patina applied by hand. The Compasses do not detach from the Square or other parts.

Its lightweight construction allows you to easily affix it to the door of your house using either screws or adhesive, or display it as a seasonal or decorative Christmas ornament. Perhaps you wish to mount it to the cover of your holy book. Or even pass it to someone special in the future. Keep this piece handy and use it to reflect upon the many lessons Masonry teaches.

You will most certainly want to order more than one due to the vast amount of symbols and allegory on the plaque.

The original design and production of this item was produced by a foundry which also produced parts for Chrysler. The factory has since moved overseas, but our replica is produced right here in the U.S.A.

Dimensions are 5 in. X 24 in. X 1/2 in.


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