Chalk Charcoal and Clay

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This Masonic shadowbox chalk charcoal clay artwork titled ‘For the Crucible‘ is a deeply philosophical, esoteric, and even alchemical piece of art which will spark interest and hours of conversation. It is as much a piece of artwork as it is a Masonic teaching and learning tool. While many have received the explanation of these highly symbolic items, many have not explored the profound meanings of them.

Each of these three items are required to extract what is most valuable. Dig a little deeper than what your Freemason Lodge monitor may say and you’ll really appreciate this item as a conversation piece. And the best part is that non Masons will simply chalk it up as being a piece of art and not reminder from your first degree.

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  • Slight product variation are to be expected as each piece is hand crafted.
  • Please allow at 10 days for shipping as inventory is very limited.
  • Occasionally you may need to open the backing and blow out some particulates that may have become dislodged during transit.


2 reviews for Chalk Charcoal and Clay

  1. tmcguire (verified owner)

    Honestly, this is my favorite piece for so many reasons. One cool thing is that you can hang it anywhere and a casual passer-by will just assume it’s a piece of shadowbox art. But to a Mason, it’s much much more!

  2. Hudge (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly. Wrapped up nice and fancy!

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