Blue Lodge Freemason Die Cut Sticker



The bright color and crisp presentation of our Blue Lodge Freemason custom die cut sticker make this masonic sticker an outstanding example Freemasonry.

This Freemason sticker is perfectly sized to fit just about anywhere! Put it on your refrigerator, water-bottle, travel humidor, car, or on the side of your computer! The tough UV protected laminate coating will keep it looking sharp for years!

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Freemason Masonic Wallpaper

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Fossil Bluff Freemason die cut stickers are durable, weather proof and even dishwasher safe! Each Freemason sticker is printed on a thick scratch resistant premium vinyl with a protective laminate that’s designed to withstand exposure to wind, rain, snow, and sunlight!

Take your weatherproof sticker on your masonic adventures all year round. From the open air degrees to cave degrees, our stickers will stay stuck! They are fade resistant for 3 to 5 years. The printing is weatherproof and water-resistant too, so you can safely run your stickers through the dishwasher or use them on your favorite water gear.


Sticker dimensions are: 3.27 inches wide x 4 inches tall.

How long will the sticker last?

I have one on my Ford F-150 that is 4 years old and still looks great. It’s hard to know how long it will last given some of the following variables:

  1. Carwash bristle scrubbers
  2. Wiper blades
  3. Rain, hail, crazy weather.
  4. Laser beams and death rays – etc.


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