Industry Collection

Our Fossil Bluff Industry LUX collection brings together several very important symbols in Masonry. As we are rational and intelligent beings, so ought we also be industrious ones, and not stand idly by or gaze with listless indifference on even the meanest of our fellow creatures in a state of distress. The Honey Bee, the operative Mason of nature, who builds with generative perfection and the Bee Hive, the sum of all industrious efforts of the individual all working together in a cooperative community.

Brief Meaning of Industry · Bees · Beehives

Bees work hard and follow a definite organizational order in service to their hive. The honey bee reminds us that to work diligently. Those rewards are meant to be enjoyed and savored. Bees remind us of the sun, and of the sun’s great life-energy. Bees give us strength to pursue our dreams, whatever they may be. In Egyptian mythology, bees grew from the tears of the sun god Ra when they landed on the desert sand and that honey is gold, materialized sunlight. Bees excel above all other living creatures in the skill and efficiency of construction of it’s honeycomb. Masonry or building seems to be of the very essence or nature of the Bee, for her building not the ordinary way of all other living creatures, is generative.

Masons readily recognize the Beehive as a cooperative example of the Masonic fraternity. Each member of the hive has a symbiotic relation with all of the others, and as a whole work industrially together, they support each other and, support the hive. The beehive symbol is a very ancient one. Beehives represent the Masonic Lodge. Seven bees are seen buzzing around the hive; seven being an indispensable number.

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