Rough & Perfect Masonic Ashlar

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This Masonic Ashlar is the perfect gift for a Past Master, a Fellow Craft, or even a newly made Master Mason.

Fossil Bluff Ashlars are functional, heirloom quality. They represent two, often overlooked, immovable jewels. Ashlars are frequently represented by two different stones, when in-fact the Rough and Perfect Ashlars are one! Our Fossil Bluff Ashlar is a truer representation of your journey towards improvement.

As you reveal the best parts of yourself through the application of masonic allegory, you will no doubt understand why the Square and Compasses are engraved upon the Ashlars surface.

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Use your Masonic Ashlar for reflection, study, and education at home and Lodge. The stunning presentation and surprising weight of the Ashlar will stop every passer-by in their tracks. Be prepared to answer the question, “What is this?” and to impart the meaning of the Ashlars upon everyone who pauses to ask.

Keep one for yourself to add to your personal Masonic reliquary.

Our Ashlars are made of white marble as referred to throughout Freemason history. It’s cubic dimension represents ‘man’ and has many other religious, philosophical, and esoteric meanings.

Product Notes:

  • Weight & Dimensions: 4 lbs. (pounds) – 4 in. x 4 in. x 4 in. cube
  • Made of 92% bonded marble aggregate
  • Hand finished and meticulously prepared
  • Inclusions, cavities and variations in surface texture and color will be present
  • Due to it’s composite construction, prolonged exposure to sunlight is not recommended

Each piece is cast by hand, sand blasted, and hand finished. Variations in surface color, small cavities, and imperfections will likely be present and should be expected.
** IMPORTANT ** This item is not eligible for returns or exchanges.

What is Bonded Marble?

Our bonded marble is a mixture of stone aggregate (92%), which is a byproduct of the cutting process in quarries, and a resin-polymer (8%) as casting material, which allows the marble to take the form of molds to produce items in great detail that are very affordable.

Will the elements effect my Ashlar?

Marble is marble. Our Ashlar is rock hard and is composed of over 92% marble. The remaining 8% is UV resistant resin. Despite advances in chemistry, resin has one drawback – when exposed to UV (ultraviolet) radiation, such as full sun, it may discolor. The Ashlar is cold to the touch, feels, and looks like rock no matter it’s age.

Do you make the Ashlar in different colors or different designs on it?

Nope. Allegorically, the stones used to erect KST were made of the finest marble, and they were white and so are our Ashlars. As far as a product variation with no Square and Compasses on it, perhaps in the distant future we may attempt it – but it is not on the road-map. An Ashlar with a raised Square and Compasses wouldn’t be stack-able as allegorically alluded to your preparation for the Lodge above.

Can the Ashlar be customized?

Currently we don’t have an effective or attractive way to customize our Ashlars. Engraving, or customization will need to be sourced in your own area.

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    W-O-W This looks way better in person. Heavy too.

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