Square and Compasses Typewriter Key Pendant Necklace Charm


Our typewriter key charms have the vintage Masonic look with a modern style. Fossil Bluff immortalizes the vintage typewriter key in all of its simplicity by adding the timeless symbol of the Square and Compasses.

This gorgeous vintage typewriter key Masonic charm measures 5/8″ and is set in an antiqued steel bezel. Each pendant is then coated with a durable resin coating and sealed to ensure a watertight seal.

This symbol of the Freemasons is attached to an 18″ fine cable necklace chain.

Each pendent is gently cleaned and polished and have age appropriate imperfections which add to the nostalgic value of each piece.

Our typewriter key charms are great layering pieces. Many charms can also be combined onto one chain to represent a larger story, your special someone, or children.

**Each pendant continues to age as time passes. If you order more than you you may notice a slight variation in color. The will match in color shortly.

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This item was inspired by the following Masonic anecdotal tale.

One night coming in from Chicago to Houston I was waiting in line to get on a plane. A little girl, age 10 – 12, asked me if I would help her get her bags on the plane and could she sit with me. I asked her why me? She showed me the Square and Compasses pin she had on and told me her grandfather told her to put it on and if she saw someone with that on a ring to ask for help! We had a nice trip and when we got to Houston her mother was waiting at the airport and she introduced me as one of her grandfather’s friend! I didn’t correct her and we walked to get her bags. I carried her carry-on. Her mother asked me how long I had known her father. I told her I had never met him but knew he was a Mason. She just smiled and said “Oh… yea.”


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