Square & Compass Shadowbox Tri Lux Collection


This heirloom quality Masonic shadowbox is exactly what every Mason needs to commemorate three very important dates in their Masonic career. Each Freemason Shadowbox comes with three Square and Compasses starting on the left with the Entered Apprentice, then Fellowcraft, and finally the Master Mason Square and Compasses and three small parchment paper specimen tag where you can hand-write your information – no engraving needed!

The description tag on the back of this Masonic Shadowbox is to record the recipients name, Lodge name and number as well as the City, State, or Place where he received his degrees!

Each time you lay eyes upon this piece you will be reminded of your journey through the Blue Lodge degrees of Freemasonry.

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The bold presentation, metallic finish, and size of our  Square and Compass Shadowbox Tri Lux Collection will be a constant reminder of the lessons and allegories of Masonry. This shadowbox makes a fantastic gift for someone special who seeks to boldly display all of the degree Square and Compasses.


  • Additional information sheet on the back of the frame
  • Easy access to the interior to add important Masonic dates on parchment paper specimen tags.
  • Ready to hang via attached saw-tooth hanger.
  • Size is ‘just right.’  Dimensions are 15″ wide, 7″ tall and 1.75″ deep.

Each piece is cast by hand, of a non-metal material, then sanded, buffed, and finally a patina applied. Variation and intensity of the patina and imperfections should be expected. Dust particles may appear in the shadowbox due to shipping. Please open the shadow box and gently clean it with a clean cloth. The Compasses do not detach from the Square.

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Fossil Bluff Freemason Masonic Made in USA Vecteezy
These Fossil Bluff Square and Compasses are 100% sourced, manufactured, and assembled right here in America and exceeds the requirements set by the Federal Trade Commission to bear the badge, Made in USA.
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