Masonic State Vinyl Decal


* Free Shipping * Fossil Bluff Masonic State Window decals are made of high quality, durable, outdoor vinyl. They can be placed on nearly any surface. Available in revers design for inside application to prevent damage from ice-scraping or high use areas. Our custom car decals are perfect for your car, truck or whatever! They are weather resistant and great for general outdoor use. Stickers are a easy, affordable, and all around fantastic way to let your love for Masonry shine!

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Our masonic car transfer stickers are super easy to apply. To apply the vinyl decal simply clean your surface, peel off the paper decal backing and apply it, with the clear transfer media, to your surface – taking care not to trap air in behind the vinyl sticker. Then simply peel off the protective coating and enjoy the fact that you are now proudly displaying that you are a Freemason! See the FAQ below for more tips.

Send us an email if you don’t see your State listed!

Dimensions for each decal are listed below as Length x Height:

  • Kentucky – 6 in x 2 ¾ in
  • New York – 4 in x 3 in
  • Texas – 4 in. x 4 in
  • Vermont – 3 ¼ in 4 in
Why would I need a reversed car sticker?

Great question. There are a couple of simple answers.

  1. You want to place the sticker on the inside of a clear surface to protect it from the outside elements. Some people use ‘Ice Scrapers’ in colder climates that may scratch off the frozen sticker! Sometimes very aggressive automated car wash systems can actually cause the vinyl decal to begin to peel off too.
  2. You want to let your light shine! And why shouldn’t you? Perhaps place it on the inside of your car window right next to your VIN number.
How do I apply a vinyl car decal?

We’ve included an application guide to demonstrate how to apply your car sticker.

Fossil Bluff Vinyl Application Guide

How long will the sticker last?

I have one on my Ford F-150 that is 4 years old and still looks great. It’s hard to know how long it will last given some of the following variables:

  1. Carwash bristle scrubbers
  2. Wiper blades
  3. Rain, hail, crazy weather.
  4. Laser beams and death rays – etc.


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