Providence Collection

Our Fossil Bluff Eye of Providence LUX collection features the All Seeing Eye of Providence emblazoned upon rays of light framed within an equilateral triangle. and brings into clarity the revelation that all creation is under the watchful care of the Supreme Architect.

Brief Meaning of The Eye of Providence

The All Seeing Eye of Divine Providence has an aesthetic design and flexible interpretation that has spans centuries. It’s simple iconography offers a wide range of speculation and application to our lives. To the Freemason, the All Seeing Eye of Divine Providence represents the Supreme Architect and is a reminder that a Mason’s thoughts and deeds are always being observed.

While many associate Eye of Providence with the 1776 creation of the Order of the Illuminati, it is critically important to recognize that the symbol of the Illuminati is that of the ancient goddess of wisdom, Athena, or the Owl of Minerva – not the All Seeing Eye of Providence.

In 1794 Jeremy Bentham commissioned the architect Willey Reveley to design him a logo for his ‘Panopticon’ which included an illustration of the All Seeing Eye in the center of a circular prison whereby a single guard could view all of the inmates but the inmates could not see the guard. This clearly contributed to the transformation of meaning of this symbol many non Masons now associate with ‘Big Brother.’

Thomas Smith Webb’s Freemasons Monitor published in 1797 codified the use of the All Seeing Eye in Freemasonry setting it’s use into practice with a meaning of representing the Supreme Architect and to make “timely preparation for eventualities.”

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