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At Fossil Bluff we are committed to the production of our products within United States.

It is our goal to continue to have as much of our production done in the United States, at our shop, as possible. With a team of highly ambitious shop helpers and the support of our community, we are confident that we can maintain this important goal.

Fossil Bluff Freemason Masonic Made in USA Vecteezy

As Ro Khanna, a former deputy assistant secretary of commerce in the Obama administration, said recently: “Products made here have a huge cachet overseas.” The words Made in the USA, he said, represent “the highest possible standards.”

Fossil Bluff product pages displaying logo shown above, are 100% sourced, manufactured, and assembled right here in America and exceeds the requirements set by the Federal Trade Commission to bear the badge, Made in USA.

Here are some of the reasons why we strive to keep our products locally made.

  • Personal Connection—Getting to know the Fossil Bluff employees is a great reason to shop local. We love building personal relationships with our customers
  • Buy what you want, not what others want you to buy – Fossil Bluff has filled a need. Our product selection is based on what YOU want, not a “Big- Box” store like JP Luther or Klitzner, who buy inventory from DRS Jewelry (mass importer.) Because of this we provide our customers with a more interesting selection of products.
  • We support Non Profits – The Non-Profits we support have a direct impact on our local community and environment. Your purchases have a direct impact on the world and could save someone’s life.
  • We sell one-off or curious products – Sometimes you can find a very small inventory of custom products or even a one-off. You won’t find truly original products at a big distributor.
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