In Fossil Bluff, Masonic

This absurdly nice setting maul, gavel or carving mallet was made by John Brengle ( for me to use during my year as Master of Round Rock Lodge in Texas I 2017-2018.

It’s made from 2 parts, the bell is made of Spalted Oak Burl which I covertly collected in the spring of 2017 while there was some pretty serious land clearing going on. I had been watching this oak that had a HUGE burl on it for more than 10 years. I knew that it would eventually be removed. The day finally came when the city decided to widen the road which meant the tree needed to go! So, I rented a chainsaw and cut that burl off the very morning before the back-hoe went to work. I ended up with about a 200 lb. Oak burl. The handle is made from a piece of Live Oak.

Several months later Bro. Brengle turned this beauty and added a ring of crushed Turquoise to indicate where the handle was married to the bell. The rustication on the bell is meant to give the appearance of it having been used to coerce ashlars into proper position.

Check out this one I made!



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