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1911 Masonic Grips - Fossil Bluff

Killing time on a weekend can be a dangerous thing at Fossil Bluff. Often I start to grok for a new project ideas that blow up into something I’m usually not totally prepared for. In this case, I was – totally – prepared.

I was poking around google images, looking for ideas for a new project to output on our Formlabs Form2 printer. I happened to stumble across some mass produced 3d printed 1911 gun grips and thought I would take a crack at making some Masonic grips!

It turns out that the 1911 handgun is practically ‘open-source’ the specific measurements and design documents are everywhere!

After a several various prototypes and grip texture variations, I started sharing the design of the grips with other Masonic brethren whose input made the final design better than what I may have stuck with originally.

After a overcoming a couple of engineering issues, I started the print. A mere 6 hours later I had a workable version that could be test fitted to a 1911 frame.

I called my good friend at Citadel Institute to see if he had a pistol that I could do a test fit on. The initial fit for the grips were not ‘perfect.’ Not only had I made grips for the GI model, but Jorge at Citadel had the Officers version which were slightly different than grips I had made. After a few calls I was able to scare up another 1911 and the fit was ‘perfect!’ Seeking more validation that the grips would fit various makers of the 1911, I headed over to ATX Armory where they were kind enough to put the grips on one of their in-house pistols. Success!

I setup the camera and started shooting the new 1911 Masonic grips. It’s almost difficult to take a bad picture of this iconic weapon.

All in all, the project was a success and I’ve since added them as a product on the store here. There may be more versions available in the future, but first I need to see if there is interest in making them….especially since I don’t even own a 1911!



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