1911 Masonic Grips


BOOM! Time to send a little ‘Light’ down-range. Proudly show your Masonic affiliation with your own set of deluxe handmade custom 1911 Masonic grips. Each matched set of grips are cast by hand, then sanded to ensure your 1911 grips will mount firmly in place. Our Masonic 1911 Government Issue model grips offer a noticeable increase in quality and feel when compared to factory or stock parts. Without a doubt you will shoot with greater comfort and confidence.

Made from abrasion resistant, light weight, high-density polymer with an ergonomic shape and non-slip knurling texture ensuring a superior grip, enabling better purchase to hold position.

Light Weight
Tough High-Density Polymer Construction
Ergonomic Grip Texture
100% Waterproof
Chemical, Oil, and Grease Resistant
Zero Maintenance

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It is possible that some 1911 clones may deviate from the original screw hole spacing. If you are in doubt, measure your screw hole spacing and compare. To verify our 1911 Masonic grips will fit your frame we recommend measuring the hole distance center of hole to center of hole. Distance must be 78 mm or approximately 3 1/16 inches. If you need help with or are unsure about your frame or fit, please contact us before you purchase to avoid issues with returns. Occasionally the grips may need to have some very minor modifications made to the receiving hole on the rear of the grips. If you need to modify them or are unsure how to install them, please contact a professional to assist you.

Please note: This is for a set of grips ONLY and DOES NOT include a firearm or other accessories. These grips DO NOT feature the recessed cut into the back of the right side grip panel sometimes used for ambi models.

A little backstory on how we made these 1911 grips.

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Fossil Bluff Freemason Masonic Made in USA Vecteezy
This Fossil Bluff product is 100% sourced, manufactured, and assembled right here in America and exceeds the requirements set by the Federal Trade Commission to bear the badge, Made in USA.
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