In Fossil Bluff

The other day I was flipping channels on the tube, and saw something that caught my eye! I think many of you know how sometimes when you take an active role in something or acquire a new car or something like that, you become hyper aware of that ‘thing’ and start to see it more and more… I remember when I bought my Toyota Corolla, I started seeing them everywhere!

So, there I was. Flipping channels and I see a symbol that I recognized just at the edge of screen. I paused the Tivo DVR and snapped a photo.

Now, if you are masochistic or enjoy being abused, try doing a search online for ‘Harry Potter Freemason’ and you will find all sorts of wild, crazy theories and speculation about ties between the characters of JK Rowling’s books and Freemasonry.

This is a photo from the Goblet of Fire from the scene where this tower that Dumbledore is standing next to is about to reveal the Goblet with the blue fire in it, and you never really see more than this as far as it comes to the Square and Compasses in any Harry Potter movie as far as my research tells me. I would argue that it is a stylized capital letter ‘A’ and not a symbol of Masonry. Does this make Hogwarts the largest lodge ever?

Maybe you can tell me differently.



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