Past Master Jewel 3D Print

I set out to make a new product for Masons and it only seemed right that a new Past Master emblem needed to be made! While this video is only a couple of minutes long, it represents several weeks of work and collaboration by a handful of people. Output was on a Form2 SLA printer. Huge thanks to and for all their support. In case you’re wondering about some of the items used in this video. Check the links below.

Some thoughts on being a ‘Maker’ and the Craft. So much can be done with the knowledge we all have acquired to this point. I’ve always made it a point to focus on the fundamentals of working with ‘touch’ and not always ‘tech.’ Masonry and the study of the Trivium and Quadrivium provide a straight path to start combining what you know and what you should be learning. Diversifying the physical experience of exploring, making, all things renaissance and beyond, ultimately lead to better long term mental health. You are literally building your brain to endure the harshness of age and decay. It’s important. Very important.

I know many a human who make no effort to manifest their knowledge into this reality. And like looking at a single point of light will eventually burn out our retina, it’s best to widen your experiences and take time to enhance your life experience. But where do you start? Here’s the secret to success. One word. Collaboration. Lock elbows with someone who you can best work with and chip away at the mundane routine you are stuck in and share some joy with another.

So, I say, go out and get dirty. Set up a routine of tinkering on things. Build a box, carve a spoon, and trim your own hedges. They payoff is longer term sanity!

Some bit’s and pieces used in the making of this Past Master Jewel

[✓] 15X Magnifier Eye Loupe
[✓] Micro Mesh Sanding Pads
[✓] Saddleback Leather Constitution



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