Fellow Craft Mason Square and Compasses


This unique Masonic symbol of the Fellow Craft Masons Square and Compasses are universally recognized as the emblem of a Fellowcraft Mason. The bold presentation, metallic finish, and size of our Fellow Craft Mason Freemason Square and Compass remind you of the one of Freemasonry’s most beautiful degrees, the steps you took, and the winding path to becoming a better man.

These Fellow Craft Mason Square and Compasses also make a fantastic gift for someone special who seeks to complete their collection as eagerly as they sought to complete their first three degrees.

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As with all of our custom made products, Fossil Bluff seeks to represent accurate and meaningful symbols of the Craft. In the case of these Fellow Craft Square and Compasses, it was essential that we determine the proper procedural change from the previous degree. After consulting with the UGLE, they forwarded us the earliest description of the ‘points’ procedures first known appearance in 1760 in Three Distinct Knocks, an English exposure which claimed to describe the practices under the Antients’ Grand Lodge which reads as follows:

The Master always sits in the East with the Bible before him; and if it is the Apprentices Lecture, he opens it about the Second Epistle of Peter, with the Compasses laid thereon, and the points of them covered … If it is the Craft’s Lecture, the Master shews one point of the Compasses, the Bible being open at the 12th Chapter of Judges. If it is the Master’s Lecture, the Bible is opened about the Seventh Chapter of the First Book of Kings, and both the Points of the Compasses is shewn upon the Square.”

While the various parts of the excerpt may include differences than what you expect, it’s more about what’s NOT there. Specifically, no single point is identified. With this in mind we scoured other landmark texts and archival illustrations all which overwhelming portray the points in the configuration shown in our product.

Fossil Bluff Square and Compasses also make perfect Masonic Christmas Tree Ornament. Try a magnetic version for even more ways to display these Square and Compasses. Because of its lightweight construction, you may want to affix it to the door of your house.

Each piece is cast by hand of a non-metal material then sanded, buffed, and finally a patina applied. Variation and intensity of the patina should be expected.

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Dimensions are 4 in. X 4 in. The Compasses do not detach from the Square.

Optional Magnetic Backing Notes: This product uses rare earth neodymium magnets that are strategically placed within the product at the time of casting. Occasionally these magnets may become visible at the time of sanding.

Does a Patina affect the life of a Fossil Bluff product?

The patina on Fossil bluff products are applied by hand and are a representation of the natural aging process. The patina does not affect the quality, longevity or sturdiness of our products. However any application of chemicals or heavy scrubbing on the surface of some of our products may result in the removal of the patina.

Can I enhance the patina on my Fossil Bluff products?

While patina development is typically a natural process that happens of many years, Fossil Bluff makes every effort to provide products that have the maximum desired patina already applied. You may try adding extra simulated aging processes to your product however this will void any return or warranty policies.

Are our magnetic products safe to use on Cars?

Short answer: No

Fossil Bluff does not recommend that you put any of our magnetic products on your vehicle for two reasons. First, most of our magnetic emblems are flat and cars aren’t flat. This could result in a poor marrying of the magnet to the vehicle and the magnet would fall off. Automatic car-wash services may also cause the emblem to release from your vehicle. And lastly, they are too pretty and may ‘walk-off’ on their own.

** If you absolutely MUST have this on your car, we recommend using 3M VHB Double Sided Foam Tape as an adhesive backing.

What makes our Masonic gifts magnetic?

For most of our masonic gifts we use rare earth neodymium magnets that are strategically placed within the product at the time of casting. Occasionally these magnets may become visible at the time of sanding.

Other products may have flat sheet style magnets affixed to the back of the product using 3M Marine Grade Silicone which is a high quality silicone designed for harsh environments.

Fossil Bluff Freemason Masonic Made in USA Vecteezy
This Fossil Bluff product is 100% sourced, manufactured, and assembled right here in America and exceeds the requirements set by the Federal Trade Commission to bear the badge, Made in USA.
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