A Moment in Time – Masonic Hymns


I am so lucky to be in the presence of Brethren who care so deeply for the Craft and are so talented.

This solemn hymn titled “Chant Funèbre,” arranged and played by Brother Randol Bass and is ideal to listen to when contemplating Sickness and Distress.

The Prayer Guide” – Could be used after a prayer is given.

Let There Be Light” – Could be used in many places, but may be nice to play prior to opening a Lodge.

Available for distribution without any Copyright restrictions.
Voice: Brothers Randol Bass, John Brengle, Jerry Casebolt, Justin Glosson, John Tolbert, and John Sisemore.
Posted with permission

Chant Funèbre - Bro. Randol Bass
The Prayer Guide - Bro. Randol Bass
Let There be Light - Bro. Randol Bass



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