Masonic Wallpaper – Virtues

Freemason Virtues Wallpaper

This freemason wallpaper was an interesting project. As I frequently have my artwork modified / copied / stolen / sold, without permission, I thought it only appropriate to appropriate a modified version of my art and make it my own again! After several minutes of trying to locate the progenitor of this low-res copy using various image search tools, a courtesy often not extended to me, I came up empty handed.

I commend the infringer in a, pretty solid, attempt to make this their own. The text is nicely warped to match the geometry of the ribbon, and while the font is a bit on the ‘carnival’ side, overall not too shabby. But if you’re going to go through the exercise of adding ribbons and lasso’ing out the S&C, then why not just make your own? Or are the Ribbons not your’s either? So many questions! All that aside, the resolution is extremely low, and without the source art, which I have, the subtleties of the lens flares, hi-res imagery, and alpha blending are lost. I took the liberty of adjusting the visual user experience to read a bit more similar to the way our lodges and schools teach us to read by rearranging, Faith, Hope, and Charity in a left to right format.

Now, before you go trying to put this on T-Shirts, mouse-pads, and coffee mugs, without permission, give me a call or email and we can work out how to get the proper file version best suited for the task to you.

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