Freemason Typography Wallpaper

This is a bit of a departure from my normal style of Masonic Wallpapers. But not every Freemason is the same and their tastes in artwork varies as much. So, what is Masonry about? Well, I went right to the source; The United Grand Lodge of England, where they have a lengthy description of my favorite fraternity. The entire UGLE text description was boiled down to the 200 most repeated words and, from that list, each word was sized according to how many times it repeated. The more the word repeats, the bigger it is and vice versa. The final selection of words were then fit into, the most commonly recognized symbol of Masonry, the Square and Compasses.

A short note on the layout of the artwork. The primary focus of the artwork is intentionally right justified with the expectation that most computer users keep their standard desktop icons on the far left of the screen, and it is nudged up to accommodate OSX and Windows bars. This was done so the typography has less chance of visually interfering with your icons.

Included are:

iPhone / iPod (640×960), Android / Droid (960×854), Widescreen (1680×1050), Standard Wallpaper (1600×1200)

UPDATE: Facebook Cover Timeline Wallpaper added to the wallpaper pack! Grab it now!

* Our digital artwork/wallpaper downloads SHALL NOT BE USED for commercial purposes or be sold or resold as a design element on another third party product. They are solely intended to be used for the benefit of the Craft. Anyone selling reproductions of these images without my written permission or from it’s creator is violating their Masonic oath or infringing on international copyright laws. They are not opensource, public-domain, for parody, or fair-use. You do not own them and copyright remains firmly with Fossil Bluff or it’s creator.



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