Free Honorary Masonic Membership Certificate

This certificate is free to use but not for re-sale. In many Masonic jurisdictions, Lodges are able to offer honorary membership (not actual membership) status to visitors. If your lodge sometimes offers honorary titles as a gift of gratitude, please consider using this free diploma style certificate to seal the deal! Grand Lodges typically do not regulate honorary titles and are neither for or against them, as such, you may use this to help bestow the proper recognition upon your honored visitor.

There are three variations included. One is multipurpose, meaning you can elect a Brother to the Order of Knife & Fork, etc., another version for Honorary Member, and the last for Honorary Past Master. Each variation has a parchment version you can use in the event you don’t have any fancy paper to print the white version on however when printing the parchment version, framing is recommended to cover the white border of the print.

Examples of other certificates

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The certificate is standard size at 8.5 X 11 inches (3960 X 3060 pixels) and 360 dpi.

Very high quality and suitable for printing and framing.

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