Da Vinci Masonic Wallpaper

Back to some more traditional style for Masonic wallpapers. This one is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and his illustration style. The idea to make this style of desktop background was brought forth by a Brother of mine as a request for him to use while he is away on deployment for the military. There is a hidden dedication to him within this wallpaper.

Be sure to grab the newly added iPhone version.

What other wallpaper formats would you like to see? Does anyone use a BlackBerry? What about for your  PS3? Droid version? Comment below to let me know.

Here is a second version with a famous quote from Thomas Jefferson.

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

Included are:

iPhone / iPod, Android / Droid, Widescreen, Standard Wallpaper

* Our digital artwork/wallpaper downloads SHALL NOT BE USED for commercial purposes or be sold or resold as a design element on another third party product. They are solely intended to be used for the benefit of the Craft. Anyone selling reproductions of these images without my written permission or from it’s creator is violating their Masonic oath or infringing on international copyright laws. They are not opensource, public-domain, for parody, or fair-use. You do not own them and copyright remains firmly with Fossil Bluff or it’s creator.



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