Supplier Code of Conduct

To make truly great products, we feel it’s critical to craft each item in ways that are both ethical and environmentally responsible.

Fossil Bluff Supplier & Sustainability Code of Conduct

At Fossil Bluff, we want to bring transparency to our supply chain. We want customers to know about the materials and craftsmanship used to create our unique products. This code of conduct is a statement of our commitment to Ethical Sourcing and Animal Welfare. It has been developed with thoughtful input and review from foundations and other entities who invest in “maker well-being,” ethical supply chains, and pioneering brands. It guides Fossil Bluff, as well as our business partners, to act thoughtfully and responsibly when sourcing materials. We encourage you to adopt a similar approach to your supply chain conduct and ethics.

We demand that our suppliers treat all workers fairly + ethically, at all times.

Fossil Bluff Transparency Ethical WorkAs a company who sincerely values its employees, Fossil Bluff strives to do its part to ensure workers all over the globe are treated fairly and are able to conduct their work in a safe environment.

We continually strengthen our Supplier Code of Conduct by implementing new, safer and more ethical working guidelines for our overseas suppliers. As our brand has grown over the last few years so has Fossil Bluff – furthering our commitment to being global citizens. We are committed to the highest standards of ethical / social responsibility and conduct. We believe all workers in the supply chain deserve a fair and ethical workplace and must be treated with the utmost dignity and respect and that suppliers shall uphold the highest standards of human rights.

We insist on safe + healthy facilities for all workers.

Fossil Bluff Transparency Employee SafetyWe expect our suppliers to provide a safe and healthy working environment and, if applicable, safe and healthy company living quarters, and to operate in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner. Suppliers shall protect their employees from any chemical, biological and physical hazards and physically demanding tasks in the workplace as well as from risks associated with any infrastructures used by their employees.

We hold our products + processes to create them to the highest environmental standards.

Fossil Bluff Transparency Environmental RestorationFossil bluff is committed to managing our business in an environmentally responsible manner; to care for the environment in which we live and work; and to sustain its quality for the benefit of future generations. We are committed to ensuring that our suppliers processes are up to the standards set for ourselves.

We expect our suppliers to operate with sustainable business practices and mindful, responsible use of environmental resources, including engaging in reuse and recycle programs, and where possible, avoid the use of hazardous materials.

We believe animals and natural resources should not be raised for wood + fibers and wool alone.

Fossil Bluff Transparency Animal RightsFossil Bluff takes great care to only source natural products like woods, fabrics and leather, from renewable resources that meet our high standards for quality, environmental impact, and animal welfare. We believe no animal vegetable and mineral should ever be raised, grown, or mined for their resources alone. We require all suppliers to practice ethical and humane practices in their resource collection. We do not source materials from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan due to their forced labor practices.

Fossil Bluff pays close attention to all issues related to our supplier code of conduct and initiates a prompt investigations where appropriate, particularly in cases involving potential violations of the law. Whether made anonymously or not, the identity of the reporter and the fact that a report has been made will be kept confidential to the extent possible while still allowing a thorough investigation to proceed. Where appropriate, we will provide a response to the individual who reported the issue.

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