In Fossil Bluff, Masonic

I finally got around to using a new batch of RTV Silicone to make a mold of a really nice Square and Compasses. The Freemasons guilds of olde would be proud to see a brother whom is producing something to share.

The mold was made with Alumilite “Quick-Set” RTV Silicone mold-making rubber. It is a two part compound. The first part is the RTV silicone Base which came in a 15.5 oz. container. The second 1.5 oz. container is for the Alumilite “Quick-Set” RTV Catalyst.  The mixing ratio is 10:1 so it was pretty much a no brainer to dump the catalyst into the silicone and mix vigorously! I started at about 5:00pm, then built up a clay barrier from sulfur free clay and then poured. 13 hours later I have the mold.



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