Secret Master Ivory Key


The key is said to hang and not to lie, because it is always to hang in a brother’s defense and not to lie to his prejudge. It is to hang by the thread of life at the entrance, and is closely connected with the heart, because the tongue “ought to utter nothing but what the heart dictates.”

This Ivory color key, once used in the Blue Lodge and York Rite, has since been reduced to a often overlooked lesson and holds a great secret. It use continues uninterrupted in the the 4th Degree of Scottish Rite Masonry. Our Fossil Bluff design has the ward reproduced with the same orientation of the ‘Z’ as shown in “Morals and Dogma” because many reproductions show an incorrect orientation of the “Z” on the ward. Choose wisely.

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Each Lodge of Secret Master Ivory Key is hand cast of NON IVORY material, manually cleaned, sanded and then buffed. Imperfections and occasional surface air bubbles are to be expected due to the handmade process used. Each Secret Master Key is truly unique.

The skeleton key is 6 ⅜ inches long from tip to tip. The Head or Bow of the skeleton key is 2 ¼ inches wide while the Ward or Bit is 1 ⅜ inch wide. The overall color and texture is that of Ivory with the overall weight of 25 grams plus or minus.

The lightweight and durable construction allows your members to rest assured that the key won’t easily break during normal use or when attached to it’s cordon.

Read Mackey’s  explanation of the Key in masonry.

Fossil Bluff Freemason Masonic Made in USA Vecteezy
This Fossil Bluff product is 100% sourced, manufactured, and assembled right here in America and exceeds the requirements set by the Federal Trade Commission to bear the badge, Made in USA.
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