Metallic Square and Compass Emblem Without Letter G


This unique Masonic symbol of the Square and Compasses are universally recognized as the emblem of Freemasonry and a reminder to all Masons around the globe.

It is generally accepted by Masonic historians that the use of the letter G with the Square and Compasses didn’t appear until around 1775. An early example of this new interlacement was made by Brother Paul Revere which was cast in brass in 1796. Mixed use of the Square and Compasses with and without the G continued well through the American civil war (1861-1865).

This design is a perfect piece for anyone seeking a more historically accurate representation of the Square and Compasses. Many countries continue the tradition of displaying the working tools without the letter G.

You will most certainly want to order more than one.

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The bold presentation, metallic finish, and size of our Square and Compass give you limitless opportunity to make use of it in many unique ways. Each piece is cast from Alumilite, a two-part compound, by hand then sanded, buffed, and finally a patina applied by hand.

Because of its lightweight Alumilite non metal construction you may want to affix it to the door of your house or it makes the perfect Masonic Christmas Tree Ornament. Try a magnetic version for even more uses! Perhaps you wish to mount it to the cover of your holy book or hat box. Or even pass it to someone special in the future. Place it within view to remind you of these two great lights in Masonry.

Dimensions are 4 in. X 4 in.


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