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What an honor it was to be called upon again to create a truly useful tool for the new Master at my mother Lodge. In January 2018, I was asked if it would be possible for me to make a suitable replica of the gavel that Sam Houston used when he was a Mason! Fortunately, the Grand Lodge of Texas has the gavel on display in their Sam Houston Museum.

While the materials that were used are unknown to me, I was fairly certain I could get the job done. I sourced some Texas Ebony and a very nice and very hard piece of Maple that had just a bit of chatoyance to it.

While turning a gavel on a lathe may seem pretty straight forward, I’ll tell you, turning a gavel while filming and moving cameras around is a whole other level of preparation! This was the first time I’ve ever filmed a project, and I had no idea that so much vibration was going on!

I never miss a chance to use my OneTIME Fibonacci Gauge tool from Woodpeckers and the Silky TakeruBoy Butterfly Saw.

So please sit back, subscribe to my channel on YouTube and give this video a quick watch!

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