The Integrity of Masons Wallpaper

Integrity Embroidery Linen Denim Masonic WallpaperSometimes I get an idea in my head and 10 hours later I’m sufficiently satisfied that my idea has been exercised. I often think of the craftsman who came before us all and those who are still hard at work toiling away while sketching out their newest creation, working through the perils and pitfalls they’ll soon endure and the effort it takes to manifest a creative thought into the world for others to experience. And it is truly worth the effort.

What started out as a simple Masonic embroidery Photoshop wallpaper project, with some typography, quickly turned into a multi-day design that just kept getting more and more complex. In the end, I’ve convinced myself that a Photoshop 4K Masonic wallpaper just isn’t quite like the real thing (See The Craftsman’s Apron) and I MUST commission Bro. Craddock for one of his masterpieces.

If you feel the integrity and heritage, and appreciate great art from Fossil Bluff, then jump to the link below, download, and set them to your wallpaper!

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Masonic Wallpapers at a Stunning 4K Resolution

Integrity Embroidery Linen Denim Masonic Wallpaper 100 percent

* Our digital artwork/wallpaper downloads SHALL NOT BE USED for commercial purposes or be sold or resold as a design element on another third party product. They are solely intended to be used for the benefit of the Craft. Anyone selling reproductions of these images without my written permission or from it’s creator is violating their Masonic oath or infringing on international copyright laws. They are not opensource, public-domain, for parody, or fair-use. You do not own them and copyright remains firmly with Fossil Bluff or it’s creator.

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