Freemason Masonic Original Artwork

Freemason Masonic Original Paintings

These delightfully illustrated and rendered original grey-scale gouache Freemason masonic paintings are rich with allegory and offer plenty of ammunition to let the imaginations of the uninitiated wander. These were seen for the first time ever on our Instagram page. Give us a follow!

These 10 beautifully painted square panels tell the story of a Gentleman and his mythical journey through his degree initiations, from being picked up, in tails no less, to his final arrival back to his wife who is startled to see his condition. All the while, his conductor is watching from the eaves.

These are presented to you in hi-res so you can experience the details with clarity. Please see the copyright warning below to ensure safe and respectful usage of these images.

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Included are:

17mb zip download – 10 Square black and white images, 2448 X 2448 at 72 dpi.

* This artwork is COPYRIGHTED! DO NOT not try to sell this art or use it for any commercial purposes what so ever. Copyright remains firmly with it’s creator. They WILL bring their full legal force to bear for cases of infringement.



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