Grungie Mason Wallpaper

More Masonic wallpapers for my brothers! This one was inspired by a brother who is going to war in Afghanistan. I photographed his government issue Gerber Multi-tool and used it as a symbolic Compass.

This is my third Mason centric graphic in which I made an effort to supply a version for several platforms. There is a version for people with older computer monitors, a version for widescreen monitors, an iPhone version, and my first Droid version. The Droid wallpaper specifications are kind of nutty so I took a stab in the dark with this one. Each one of these is provide with and without the quote, “Leave a mark…not a stain” except the iPhone version, which I had read somewhere, sometime.

Included are:

iPhone / iPod, Android / Droid, Widescreen, Standard Wallpaper

* Our digital artwork/wallpaper downloads SHALL NOT BE USED for commercial purposes or be resold as a design element on another third party product. They are solely intended to be used as wallpapers for your electronic devices. Anyone selling reproductions of these images without my written permission from it’s creator is violating their Masonic oath or infringing on copyright laws. While you may have paid to use these images or files, you do not own them and copyright remains firmly with Fossil Bluff or it’s creator.