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When I was asked by Bro. Paul Rana to assist him in completing his vision of a ‘Triangular Plate’ I wasn’t sure what he was exactly talking about. For this reason, I was 100% all in! I NEVER pass an opportunity to learn more about Freemasonry and the sphere of information surrounding it. This is a deeply esoteric project and will require you do your own research on it. Start with keywords like Tetragrammaton, YHVH, just hit Google.

The project was pretty straight forward but had some hurdles to overcome – isn’t it always like that? Bro. Rana sent me some source material and a short description of his vision. We discussed for a little bit on the limitations regarding how physically large I could make the Triangle Plate. After a whole bunch of procrastinating with purpose, and working out the how-to’s and technical road blocks with my Formlabs printer, I generated the model and sent some ‘proof’s’ over to Bro. Rana.

Printing didn’t go well for the first try, the part came out extremely warped. However the second print came out fairly well and after a bit of sanding it was ready for a 24 Karat edible Gold Leaf treatment! Let’s be clear…I am very aware, after 3 attempts to gold leaf this YHVH plate, just exactly the scale of my lack of skill in this process. My tip to you is don’t try to gold leaf things. Just don’t do it. This little [HUGE] step is the reason why I won’t be making these in any sell-able quantity.

Next up was to create a proper container to keep the gold plat in. My first urge was to go FULL RELIC with the entire presentation. But the reality is that it needed to be transportable and somewhat un-assuming looking to ensure it did’t take up too much space in luggage and that it would be okay if the vessel holding the plate got scuffed or dinged up. I found a nice rigid craft box and custom cut an inlay area to hold the gold plate and added some red crushed velvet of the foam.

All in all, eventually I will try to make another one for myself, but for now, that itch has been scratched!



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