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This was a super cool project. While I’ve made a custom setting maul before, even though this is more of a carving mallet, this is certainly the largest one I’ve made! Alex Ortiz, W.M. elect at my Lodge, requested that I make him an implement for him to use in the East during his year. Uh, YES! Much of the design was thought out by Alex with some minor usability changes made at the time of production. Since this setting maul was so large, it needed to fit just right in the hand so it wouldn’t slip right out under it’s own weight.

The Solar concho that was originally intended to be inlaid into the bell of the maul ended up fitting perfectly as a cap on top of the handle. Final sanding was done with sawdust, or “man glitter”, from the project and a liberal coating of dark brown Briwax was applied and wiped off. Extra attention was given to NOT remove the Briwax from the various detail work on the maul and the sun concho.

The final results speak for itself – I’m super pleased with the final piece. The Briwax went a long way to pulling it all together.

Notes on production: This Marble Wood is really hard wood. I could barely sand it with a palm sander or even a Dremel.



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