2005 Manzanita and Sage harvest from Big Bear Ca.

2005 Manzanita and Sage harvest from Big Bear Ca.

This isn’t your usual Harry Potter style Magic Wand. There is nothing ‘by the book’ or academic about our creations. Fossil Bluff Conjurer Wands are infinitely unique and cannot be mass produced. We do not make wands from a scrap piece of wood off of the lumber yard warehouse floor on a lazy afternoon.

We are constantly on the lookout for the most exotic tree limbs and roots to use for these wands and select only the finest samples from the wild, expending endless amounts of mental energy, constantly scanning the countryside and exploring off the beaten track to hopefully locate a grove of hidden wonders. Each of the raw conjurer wands are partially Kiln dried and then set aside for up to five years to complete the aging process.

Our Wands take several weeks to create and hold genuinely unique properties beyond the obvious. Each comes with a custom made fitted foam padded velvet lined Cherry wood box. The assembly of the wooden wand consists of hand wrapped leather and brass wire threaded with Swarovski Crystal. Pheasant feathers and gold foil travel from the base of the wand to the tip.

The handle has an affixed sterling silver charm which can hold herbal preparations or alternative elixirs. Each Conjurers Wand comes with a Certificate of Authenticity imprinted on Parchment. The Certificate also contains hidden mysteries which will surely test your code breaking skills.



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