Brazil Masonic Freemason Wallpaper

The country flag of Brazil presented an interesting layout opportunity. The overall composition of the elemnts of the flag made it an easy choice to add a little Masonic touch to it. The banner which reads “Ordem E Progresso” which translates to “Order and Progress,” was an obvious design element that made an interesting overlay to the Square and Compasses. You can read more about the flag of Brazil at WikiPedia.

The blue disc depicting a starry sky which includes the Southern Cross was a perfect place to overlay a dark blue rosette into. The construction and official dimensions of the Flag of Brazil is super detailed. The constellations are also viewable on the WikiPedia page also.

I know Masonry is strong in Brazil and I hope that the Brethren there will appreciate this wallpaper. There are a whole bunch of other Country Flags with round elements in the center that I’ll be exploring as well, stay tuned!

Included are:

iPhone / Android, Widescreen, Standard Wallpaper, Facebook Timeline Cover, Instagram

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